Universal Medicine – Cult, alternative medicine, religion, charlatan, strategic litigation user, all in one!

Universal Medicine v Rockett

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, is suing me for defamation, claiming I’ve damaged his reputation. A hearing is set down for December 11, 2015. I don’t have the funds to defend it – partly thanks to Benhayon and the vilification campaign by his army of religious investors. It’s another example of the multimillion-dollar Universal Medicine cult attempting to intimidate critics and cleanse the internet of inconvenient facts. If you believe it’s important to stand up to wealthy, self-deified bullies please contribute to my defence. This is our chance to put Serge Benhayon on trial.

Oh dear.

This is what is known as Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation.
SLAPP is used to silence critics..

It has happened before in Australia with Ken Harvey sued for making complaints about bogus fraud Sensaslim.
Not only did Harvey destroy the litigation ( with the help of free assistance from major law firm – known as Pro Bono work).
And other skeptics and dissenting voices are also sued, in the US Dr Novella had to crowd source funds to defend against a charlatan taking similar action.


When you read the websites of the people who expose Universal Medicine for the nonsense it is, the knives come out

A last ditch effort at intimidation

This legal action caps three years of sustained intimidation attempts; having blogs shut down and links removed from the Google search index without a court order; attempts to have me deregistered from my profession; and a campaign of mass social media vilification aimed at destroying the livelihoods of me and others. UM established a website to expressly attack my private practice and professional skills. Earlier this year, they made over a dozen unsuccessful police complaints, wasting inordinate amounts of police time trying to have me arrested for criticism they dementedly characterize as ‘harassment’.

They’ve escalated the harassment as I was moving on from exposing UM. I’m close to broke and I have no assets. I don’t have the funds to defend this case or pay a damages claim in the unlikely event it’s successful. However, I intend to fight all the way for our right to comment on verifiable conduct that we believe is harmful. I need your support to do that.

If I don’t defend this, Benhayon and his staff of lawyer devotees will bring injunctions to have every bit of my research and analysis removed from the internet – removing public access to one of the few online sources of verifiable facts. Those adversely affected by UM know that the information in the numerous news reports and on the UM Wikipedia page is only the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t fight underhanded attacks for three years to give in now.


One reason for posting this is to spread the word, and get the message out, that the more Universal Medicine attempt to shut down criticism and legitimate discussion, the more it will spread around the internet like a virus..


Universal Medicine might do well to google The Streisand Effect . or heck, just click the link.. I’ve helpfully linked to the wikipedia page on the subject..

So to the Universal Medicine true believers/followers, or whatever you call yourselves ..( i will find that out soon ), this blog post and many others would not exist had it not been for your actions alone.


You’re welcome


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